Next Generation Simulcast Technology

Buyers and sellers participate like never before in real-time! With under a second in delivery times, high definition video and audio from auctions stream to mobile phones, office computers, home PCs, and mobile tablets of any kind. With unmatched quality, Simulcast software creates a user experience feeling as if you are standing right in the auction.


Multi Camera Simulcast

Buyers and sellers can see assets from multiple angles using Multi Camera Simulcast in High Definition.

Lane Recording

Our lane recording software records audio and video for security purposes, arbitration and legal matters. All data can be searched by time frame and run number and accessed from admin-authorized agents from any terminal anywhere anytime.

Multi Lane/Arena Bidding

Buyers can now be in two places at the same time. Bid in multiple arenas using multi-event bidding technology. Buyers can not only bid on multiple lanes within one auction location but can bid at multiple auction facilities all at the same time. All of this multi-view bidding technology is done in one window in one browser.

Auction Everywhere Technology

– Proxy
– Buy Now
– Hard Bid
– Offer
– Live Assist Buy/Trade
– Online real-time Avatar Virtual Auctions
– Live Auctioneer Weekly Sales (With strategic partners)
– Bidder Choice / List

Remote Cam

Use wireless cameras and AWG Video and Audio Broadcasting to transmit live video over the internet.

Interactive Wireless Notification System

Interactively alert buyers and sellers when specific events happen online on any wireless device.

Mobile Wireless Simulcast

Utilizing an outdoor wireless network covering your entire auction facility, you can hold a number of different events. Assets stay in their spots and the auctioneer is driven, usually in a customized trailer or golf cart, from asset to asset.

Inventory Management and Analysis Software (IMAS)

helps sellers/buyers make more profitable buying and selling decisions. IMAS uses historical sales data, market data, book value data and competitive sales data to achieve spot on purchase and sale recommendations for better profitability.

Brick And Mortar Buyer Profiling System (BAMPS)

Identify, alert and bring the best buyers into the right place at the right time using sophisticated analytics and easy to use drop down menus to create buyer profiles and determine who is buying specific assets during your event.

IAX Online Marketing System (IOMS)

Auctions use blast email and fax functionality to alert buyers about upcoming events. Auctions use this essential marketing tool every time they have an auction to increase auction attendance.

Customer Support

Our goal is to ensure that your online business is fully operational at all times. Live support is available 24/7 to isolate, correct and report any issues you may have before, during and after your auction.

Custom Development

Our software development team builds scalable robust technology solution. No job too big or too small.

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