AWG Simulcast

High Definition, Multi-Camera, Real-time Buying and Selling Simulcast Technology

AWG Simulcast is the next generation of simulcast technology and so much more brought to you by AWG. Buyers and sellers participate like never before in real-time! With under a second in delivery times, high definition video and audio from auctions stream to mobile phones, office computers, home PCs, and mobile tablets of any kind. With unmatched quality, AWG Simulcast software creates a user experience feeling as if you are standing right in the auction.

Experience the next generation of simulcast technology and so much more brought to you by AWG. Buyers and sellers participate like never before in real-time! With under a second in delivery times, high definition video and audio from auctions stream to mobile phones, office computers, home PCs, and mobile tablets of any kind. With unmatched quality, AWG Simulcast software creates a user experience feeling as if you are standing right in the auction.

Remote consigner interacts with buyers online and in the auction lanes in real-time to let buyers know the vehicle is for sale. In real-time sellers, interaction with the auctioneer and block clerk allows you to lower the floor and sell to the highest bidder. Sellers feel like they are at the auction standing on the block when utilizing the advanced interactivity of AWG’s Remote Consigner functionality.

Institutional consigners as well as new/used car dealers around the country have quoted AWG has the most interactive consigner and dealer friendly simulcast technology on the market.

With AWG Cinemacast auction technology, broadcasting video and audio from your dealership or corporate location directly into the lane is simple. Represent your inventory, make spot sale decisions as well as verbally communicate with the auctioneer and describe vehicles to bidders.

Simulcast, Cinemacast and VIAF can all be run simultaneously in different virtual lanes during the same auction event. The possibilities are endless with AWG audio/video and automated auction technology.

“AWG feature rich technology has everything you would expect from world class simulcast technology and much more. AWG puts game changing technology in the hands of any size auction small or large”.

AWG has a long track record for its customer service and technical support that is second to none in the industry. There is never a time AWG support staff is unavailable. AWG achieves its all-star ratings by way of thorough training from the start and extensive systematic fail safes inherent in the logic that help you to help yourself before you need to contact us. AWG is The Ritz Carlton of the online remarketing industry.

Advanced technology, open integration practices, and a belief in best of breed, AWG opens its doors to integrate with any third party vendors and in-house IT departments so that your business works best for you. AWG technology links directly to your existing website or can consult to help your business find the very best providers of out of scope products and integrate with them seamlessly.


Multi Camera Simulcast

View assets from multiple angles as they are auctioned off. Buyers and sellers can see assets from multiple angles using Multi Camera Simulcast in High Definition.

Lane Recording

TIVO for your lanes. Our recording software replaces or complements any existing expensive Digital Video Recording Systems (DVR), security systems and other lane recording systems. Use Lane recording for security purposes, arbitration and legal matters. The same equipment that runs your simulcast is utilized keeping hardware cost down and one simple place to control all your recording needs. All data audio/video is searchable by time frame and run number. Important recorded data can be accessed from all admin-authorized agents from any terminal anywhere anytime.

Multi Lane/Arena Bidding

Buyers can now be in two places at the same time. Bid in multiple arenas using AWG multi-event bidding technology. Buyers can not only bid on multiple lanes within one auction location but can bid at multiple auction facilities all at the same time. All of this multi-view bidding technology is done in one window in one browser. No need to have multiple windows open ever again competing with each other for your valuable bandwidth.

Auction Everywhere Technology

AWG has set up and trained independent auctions around the country on how to operate dealer as well as Franchise Dealer Only Frontline auctions. Indoor or outdoor at the dealers facilities, hotels, or right in your auction cafe© you can add multiple events selling with out any of the cost of the traditional brick and mortar auction facility. Dealers can bid from any location on or off site.

Assets can and are being sold directly from where they sit. Allowing a seller to give you inventory they are not presently sending to your auction facility opening revenue streams at no cost to the selling dealer. There is no need to transport assets to the auction.

AWG Multi Media auctions are some of the most successful online sales venues in the Industry. With all the technology the options for selling are endless:

  • Proxy: Proxy Bids can be submitted prior to and until the gavel raps during a Live Auction event. You can request incremental bids be entered via our automated system and be assured your maximum will never be exceeded.
  • Buy Now: Straightforward and simple! Guarantees your purchases and enables you to acquire items instantly so you can move them right away.
  • Hard Bid: When you know what you want, you can place the starting bid, or raise the current bid amount. This is a firm bid and assures other bidders of your intent for that unit.
  • Offer: Buyers can negotiate a price and arrange a purchase privately with sellers before or after an auction.
  • Live Assist Buy/Trade: Double your deal-making potential. You can appoint Internal Sales people to negotiate deals for you using the feature rich software to organize and deliver highest potentials for sales.
  • Online real-time Avatar Virtual Auctions: You can hold multiple Specialty Events hosted by a voice-enabled animated Avatar. This creates highly efficient and viable venues.
  • Live Auctioneer Weekly Sales (With strategic partners): Whether you’re in the office or on the golf course, these traditional webcast sales enable you to interact and participate in the action.
  • Bidder Choice / List: Provides data on what units are trending in interest and bidding activity. Helps you focus or realign your decisions on inventory.


VIAF Automated Auction

VIAF replicates a brick mortar auction facility in the virtual world. VIAF is a fully automated online auction running multiple lanes; each with its own unique animated auctioneer that looks acts and sounds human. Every aspect of VIAF can be customized, down to what the auctioneer says and the timing in the lane. Using our simple point and click customization tools you can set over 20 auction parameters to make each lane in your VIAF unique to your auction.

Remote consignors can interact with online buyers in real-time to let buyers know the assets for sale, lower the floor, sell to the high bidder and actually have the animated auctioneers say whatever they request. At the core of VIAF is AWG buyer profiling technology that identifies and alerts the best possible buyers for every asset your consignors are selling and enables these buyers to bid and buy using any wireless device, cell phone or PC.

24/7 Virtual Exchange

AWG’s menu of services includes proprietary tools and functionality keeping AWG far ahead of the competition. AWG functionality includes online, wireless and avatar auctions with complete interactivity. Auction houses and their consignors can choose from a broad selection of auction types; traditional online auction, sealed bid, automated, barter, Simulcast and Cinemacast real time audio/video conferencing auctions, Virtual Intelligent Auction Facility (VIAF) and much more. Auctions and their consignors have an option to add Advanced Data Mining of their dealer’s sales transaction history as well as other intelligent inventory analysis tools. The noninvasive techniques of capturing data makes deployment quick and simple. Our software based analysis program determines what assets the dealers do best with. Sellers can then use automated target marketing communications tools to electronically push vehicles matching their dealers purchase profiles. Once dealers receive an asset alert, they have the opportunity to instantly respond instantly from where they were alerted on to bid the asset.

Buyers can use simple web based point and click customization tools to personalize what data they receive and the mix of wireless or conventional communications methods and devices they use to receive and respond to data. There is no need to purchase expensive hardware to use our interactive communications tools, the application being web-based communicates with any wireless or hard wired desktop computers.


Using a unique blend of Simulcast and VIAF, sell in sold assets immediately after they run in a VIAF virtual lane.

Remote Cam

Use wireless cameras and AWG Video and Audio Broadcasting to transmit live video over the Internet. RC gives dealers a visual perspective rarely seen online. Build buyer confidence by showing hard to see areas of an asset. RC gives dealers the sense they are actually touching the asset.

Interactive Wireless Notification System

Interactively alert buyers and sellers when specific events happen online on any wireless device, like an asset matching their buyer profile, a specific asset being sold right now, auction event start, and so much more. Buyers and sellers select the device, the alert time frame and can choose to schedule alert reports to email or fax.

Using Interactive Wireless Alerts dealers can respond instantly with a bid or outright purchase.

Voice Recognition

Buyers without computer skills or out in the field need a way to transact business electronically. AWG developed a voice system so that buyers can simply use their cell phones and speak voice commands to either call into the system or receive interactive alerts to transact business. Search, Bid, buy and sell by simply talking into a cell phone or regular phone.

Mobile Wireless Simulcast

AWG utilizing an outdoor wireless network covering your entire auction facility can hold a number of different events. Assets stay in their spots and the auctioneer is driven, usually in a customized trailer or golf cart, from car to car, RV to RV, boat to boat, or virtually any asset to asset and conducts the auction. Great for Salvage Auctions, Heavy Trucks, Equipment, Aviation, Marine and RV’s. AWG currently hosts mobile wireless auctions around the country.

Inventory Management and Analysis Software (IMAS)

AWG inventory management and analysis software (IMAS) sets a new a standard in software. Keeping it simple is the core concept. Using easy to understand graphical interfaces, any user can work this analysis technology.

IMAS (inventory management and analysis software) helps sellers/buyers make more profitable buying and selling decisions. IMAS uses historical sales data, market data, book value data and competitive sales data to achieve spot on purchase and sale recommendations.

Brick And Mortar Buyer Profiling System (BAMPS)

Identify, alert and bring the best buyers into the right place at the right time with BAMPS. BAMPS uses sophisticated analytics and easy to use drop down menus to create buyer profiles and determine who is buying specific assets during your event. Each time a new auction event takes place it triggers alerts to the right buyers as well as sending reminder alerts the day of the sale just before the asset is auctioned off. Alerts include asset information, lane and run number as well as estimated run time. Dealers will never again go without knowing when their type of asset is running.

IAX Online Marketing System (IOMS)

Auctions use blast email and fax functionality to alert buyers about upcoming events. Auctions use this essential marketing tool every time they have an auction to increase auction attendance. Emails include a hot link that once clicked takes buyers directly to the Simulcast auction or other online auction event.

AWG Training

AWG realizes that the technology landscape is ever changing at a feverish pace. Therefore, we have expanded our training plan to include, not only how to use our technology, but how to adapt the online feature as part of your business model. Many auctions are quick to put their business online, but don’t really understand how to manage an ‘online auction business’. Our formula is simple: Management, Execution, Marketing, and Education. Under these headings, we have structured a curriculum to help you get your new venture off the ground and keep up with technology now and in the future.

Our team of Product Marketing & Training Specialists provide thorough evaluations, targeting areas that may inhibit the growth of your online landscape making recommendations that will continually help you improve. If your company is acquiring online technology for the first time or transferring from another provider, our specialists ensure that your transition is smooth. We work with you to put an operational plan in place. In addition, you also receive a 6-month follow-up consultation to ensure that you are on a strategic track for growth? The only thing more important to us than delivering the most advanced technology is making sure our customers know how to use it!

AWG Operational Support

Production Support is staffed around the clock with qualified senior and mid-level Systems Administrators from our ISP Partners. Additionally, AWG monitors production systems with industry leading monitoring tools that identify their impact on the IT system and business-critical processes, automating problem responses to Technical and Application Support Personnel immediately. Automated full and incremental backups are performed daily, as well as, intra-day database snapshots to insure recoverability and integrity of our client information.

AWG Customer Support

AWG support is geared towards educating customers on troubleshooting and exploring the most beneficial tools within our system to fix. We understand that technology by nature and the turnover of users can affect the desired outcome of your business. That is why we have built automated features that allow you to isolate issues and fix them immediately. AWG also realizes that with so many 3rd party vendors taking their role in your business and interacting with our technology that it is mission critical to isolate, correct, and report any issues that may arise from within an integration structure. AWG understands that auction day is crucial, and during this high degree of intensity, we ensure that you are able to reach a live person. As a preventative measure our servers are continually monitored for latency issues and possible internet outages. Our goal is to ensure that your online business is fully operational at all times.

Custom Development

AWG software development team builds scalable robust technology solution. There is no job too big or too small for our software development team.

Your vision can quickly and inexpensively become reality by utilizing Auction Tech custom development services. Send Auction Tech your written specification for a quick price quote.

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